Sunday LawTech Review – 24th December 2017

The last Sunday LawTech Review of 2017, including a collection of articles looking back on the last year in LegalTech and what to expect from 2018!  Have a great Christmas and New Year!

Agrello has partnered with Rivetz

Agrello is a platform for creating smart contracts which also provides a legally binding contract that is written in natural language alongside it. Once an agreement has been generated, Agrello creates an agent that acts as your personal counsel with respect to your rights and obligations under the agreement. Agrello contract templates are created by lawyers and paralegals who are paid in Agrello’s own cryptocurrency  – Delta.

As part of their solution, Agrello also offer blockchain-based digital ID which is used to sign the contracts. Rivetz provides a cybersecurity solution using hardware-based identity that makes use of the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) found on smartphones. The TEE is a secure area on the phone’s processor that is independent from the phones operating system (and by extension any malware that may have been installed into that OS), making it a safer place to store Agrello’s digital ID.

Link App launches crowdfunding campaign

The Link App created by Lauren Riley has launched a crowdfunding campaign through Seedrs to raise a further £300,000 to help fund its expansion plans through a third round of investment. At the Legal Geek Conference in October Seedrs announced a partnership with the Law Society of England and Wales with the aim of connecting its members with LawTech startups looking for funding.

2017 LawTech Hires

Above The Law looks at some important LegalTech hires in 2017, what it means for the industry and what to look forward to in 2018.

A look back over 2017 and predictions for 2018

Plenty of write ups of this year in LawTech, and predictions for next year:

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