Sunday LawTech Review – 21st January 2018

LegalTech and the Changing Legal Industry – An Upcoming Series on Technology and Changes to the Legal Services Industry from the BigLaw Perspective

Aaron Baer of Toronto based law firm Aird Berlis has started a new series of blog posts covering lawtech from the lawyers perspective, as Aaron himself starts his secondment to Diligen – a legaltech company also based in Toronto that utilises AI for contract review.  

Microsoft AI performs as well as humans on Stanford Question Answering Dataset

Another milestone has been reached by Microsoft in the area of building a knowledge-base from documents that can then be quizzed. Researchers have created technology that uses AI to process the contents of the Stanford Question Answering Dataset (SquAD) and answer questions about it about as well as a human would. Improvements in the ability to read documents and extract knowledge bases from them that can then be interrogated by users has strong applications in the legal sector.

LawTech and the Communications Gap

Some good tips for LawTech companies on how to engage with law firms are supplied by Lena Ahad (Founder and Director of legal technology PR company Technology PR) in a guest post on Artificial Lawyer.

The bridge the communications gap Ahad recommends that lawtech companies:

  • Focus on educating law firms
  • Know their audience
  • Create ‘early adopter’ advocates
  • Invest in specialist PR support and targeted advertorials
  • Look beyond written content to other mediums such as video

Start-Up Tips: Pitching

Legal Geek provide a number of useful tips for preparing and delivering lawtech pitches.


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