LegalTech Wales conference – 31st January

The LegalTech Wales conference takes place in Cardiff next Wednesday. With a keynote speech from Professor Richard Susskind and a healthy amount of blockchain talk it promises to be a great event. You can read the full programme here and register for a free ticket on Eventbrite. See you there!

Legalweek New York

The Legalweek conference also gets underway in New york next week. Taking place over four days, the conference is actually made up of several separate conferences  – Legal CIO, Legal Marketing, Legal Diversity & Talent Management Forum, Business of Law Forum and of course LegalTech.

Fully Digital Conveyancing Transactions using E-Signatures from 6th April 2018

In a giant leap forward in the quest to improve the house buying process in England and Wales, the Government has approved changes to the Land Registration Rules that will allow for the introduction of fully digital conveyancing documents with e-signatures to be used for land transactions and land registration from 6th April 2018.

Why women in legaltech should go where no man or woman has been before and blaze a trail

A blog post on Womanthology from Chrissie Lightfoot makes for a good read this week. Chrissie recaps the career path she took that brought her to create Robot Lawyer LISA, along with advice for women interested in careers in legaltech:

“reach for the stars. The worst that can happen is that you will fall on the moon … and mankind has already been there. So, go where no man or woman has been before and blaze a trail!”

Also published on Medium.

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