Computational Law & Blockchain Festival

The first annual Computational Law & Blockchain Festival took place recently. Organised by Legal Hackers #clbfest2018 was a three-day global event bringing together coders, designers, lawyers, policymakers, researchers, and students to co-create the future of law, legal practice, and policy. The New York node filmed days one and two, with day one footage including a great presentation on smart legal contracts.

Allen & Overy launches Legaltech and PM graduate scheme

Legal IT Insider reports that Allen & Overy has launched a new graduate scheme in London focused on legal technology and project management, with graduates “receiving exactly the same level of training and access” as trainee lawyers as the firm says “the future isn’t just about the lawyers”.

First LegalTech event in Öresund

Inside Scandinavian Business reports on Öresund’s first LegalTech event organized by – an initiative created by a team of lawyers, entrepreneurs and legaltech startups.

Rise of AI means fewer law firms by 2030

The rise in artificial intelligence-based systems could mean fewer law firms by 2030, according to Paul Knight of Mills & Reeve.

Making Sense of Legal AI: What It Means for Your Practice and What’s Ahead

This weeks podcast from tries to make sense of what’s going on in legal AI at the moment with help from top legaltech experts Emily Foges (CEO of Luminance),  James Lee (co-founder of LegalMation), Brian Kuhn (co-founder of IBM Watson Legal) and Itai Gurari (co-founder and CEO of Judicata).

Legal Conferences and Artificial Intelligence

Brian Inkster of Scottish law firm Inksters talks about the shortcomings of legaltech conferences in terms of actually explaining to delegates how AI could be used within their own practice and the costs to do so:

“we didn’t have real life, properly explained, use cases of AI in practice in law firms. Use case examples are needed that delegates can assimilate and decide from whether or not such use would be beneficial to them and their law firms. … I have yet to attend a legal technology conference where this has happened. I will let you know when I do.”

Legal Design and a Postcard from Argentina

Couple of good articles over on legal Geek, the first explains what Legal Design is and the second talks to members of the Argentinian legaltech community.

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