Legal Geek Women in LawTech – The Next Chapter: April 18th

The launch event covering future Legal Geek Women in LawTech events takes place in London on Wednesday 18th, 6pm-9pm. You can book your ticket through the Legal Geek website.

DWF launches Knowledge Transfer Partnership to enhance data capability

Legal business DWF is set to launch a Knowledge Transfer Partnership, in conjunction with the University of Manchester, which will see the business further invest in and strengthen its proposition in the realms of legal tech, machine learning and AI to enhance service delivery and develop innovative solutions for its clients.

LegalTech v LawTech – WTF?

If you are interested in the ongoing debate about which buzz word best describes the intersection of law and technology, then Legal Geek have collected together a range of opinions from thought leaders in LegalTech.

To Innovate In Law, We Need Analysis, Not Hype

In this excellent article published in Above The Law, Ivy Grey explains the importance of understanding and analysing your internal workflows before adopting new technologies.

Grey is Senior Attorney at Griffin Hamersky LLP and the creator of American Legal Style for PerfectIt, which is a proofreading and editing add-in for lawyers.

Grey echoes one of the points you hear time and time again at lawtech conferences and from leading voices in future of legal practice, that despite the fact that lawtech is out, how do you harness it for your own use:

“Despite the calls to innovate and excitement stemming from conferences, hack-a-thons, think-pieces, and podcasts, law firms aren’t actually innovating. As lawyers, we know that we need to change, but figuring out how and where to start is daunting.”

Clifford Chance launches Tech Academy and will teach coding to lawyers

Clifford Chance has announced that it has launched a global training programme dedicated to learning and development in the Technology space, which will include two ways to access coding training – one for those with basic understanding and another for those with intermediate knowledge.

Global Legal Hackathon – the final chapter: April 21st

Above The Law discusses what we can expect from the final round of the Global Legal Hackathon, taking place in New York on 21st April.

ABA President Challenges Legal Technologists: ‘Be Bold, Be Adventurous, Be Courageous’

Law dot com reports on Hilarie Bass’ (president of the American Bar Association) challenge to Stanford CodeX FutureLaw conference attendees to “be bold, be adventurous and be courageous” in helping break down the barriers that impede collaboration among lawyers, technologists, and other professionals in shaping the future of legal services.

UK founded contract management firm Juro secures £1.41m in seed funding round

UK Tech news reports that Juro has secured additional seed funding. Juro uses machine learning algorithms to process the data within legal contracts, and claims to help its customers save 90% of the time spent on the end-to-end management of those contracts.


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