Global Legal Hackathon 2018: Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners of the Global Legal Hackathon 2018 – announced at a Gala Dinner in New York last night.

The private sector winners were Revealu and LexLucid, and public sector winners were RightsNOW and Decoding Law.

Revealu is an app that helps consumers better see their digital footprint. According to their website:

“Revealu makes it super-simple to request your GDPR data from providers such as Google, Facebook or anyone else.”

LexLucid is a novel solution to one of the key issues we as consumers face every day – agreeing to the terms and conditions on a given website, before reading or understanding how good they are for us. LexLucid aims to solve this as detailed on their website:

“Certified attorneys grade and review legal contracts, so you can quickly see what you’re getting into the next time you agree to the terms. Our reviews put things in plain English, so you can feel confident agreeing to the terms.”

RightsNOW is an app to provide access to the law through voice services. According to the Rights Now website:

“Finding legal information online can be difficult and overwhelming, especially when trying to access it using voice technologies. RightsNOW gives you trustworthy, consistent, and conversational access to legal information via voice. The legal information you access through RightsNOW is situationally relevant and relatable.”

Decoding Law is a machine learning powered browser plugin that helps people to read and understand legislation, which is particularly useful to unrepresented litigants.

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