Sunday LegalTech Review – 22nd April 2018

Global Legal Hackathon 2018: Winners Announced

The winners of the Global Legal Hackathon 2018 were announced at a Gala Dinner in New York last night. Read more about the winners Revealu, LexLucid, RightsNOW and Decoding Law in our event article.

SeedLegals launch Instant Investment

SeedLegals have launched a new Instant Investment app that seeks to replace traditional 12–18 month startup funding cycles with continuous investment. According to Anthony Rose, CEO & Founder at SeedLegals:

“Instant Investment changes everything. By building the ability to take additional investments into existing funding round deal documents, then using technology to automate the legals and company-investor communication for additional investment, you now have the ability to do a small initial funding round, raising only what you need or just the investment you’re able to get right now, and then top that up anytime, within limits agreed in the initial funding round.”

Thomson Reuters Offers AI System For Brexit Contract Review

Artificial Lawyer reports on the launch of a contract remediation system to help companies review legal agreements ahead of Brexit. The new system from Thomson Reuters utilities Logical Construct’s Lyncs platform, which can extract data from scanned contractual documents for further analysis.

Semantics in Legal Technology

Richard Tromans of Artificial Lawyer writes on the Legal Geek blog – expanding more on his views on the “Is it Lawtech or LegalTech?” debate. Legal Geek garnered a number of views on the debate in their recent article #LegalTech v #LawTech – WTF?, as we wrote in last weeks review.

According to Tromans:

“Although language is always evolving, words have to mean something specific otherwise communication breaks down. For me, LegalTech is the best way to describe what we are all involved in now.”

Lexpo 2018 – The best time for the legal profession is yet to come

Lexpo 2018 took place in Amsterdam last week, with this years event focussing on Business Intelligence & Data Science, Dynamic Knowledge Management, The Legal Blockchain and Legal Project Management. Advocatenblad reports on the event and notes a prediction from David Fisher of Integra and Brian Kuhn (co-founder of IBM Watson Legal) that the best is yet to come for the legal profession through the combination of AI and blockchain tech.

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