Sunday LegalTech Review – 20th May 2018

May 15th – Greater Productivity Main Driver for Legal AI Adoption: Survey

According to a survey conducted by The Legal AI forum whilst preparing their Trends Report 2018: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Law, and reported on by Artificial Lawyer – the biggest driver for the use of AI and automation is to increase productive capacity.

May 15th – The Need for a LegalTech Startup Graveyard

Vanessa Butnick (Vice President of Legal and Managing Product Counsel at has launched a LegalTech Graveyard as part of a guest post on the Ross Intelligence website. In this article Butnick talks about the need to identify failed legalTech startups and why they went wrong, so as an industry we can learn from past mistakes. The survey is available at surveymonkey.

Butnick also signposts to an interesting market report on LegalTech carried out by Baretz+Brunelle. Baretz+Brunelle surveyed senior executives at a wide variety of legal technology firms, including e-discovery service providers, legal research companies and alternative legal services providers.

The results are based on more than 100 responses received between February 14-28, 2018. The most interesting finding from the study was that:

“97 percent of respondents felt that the legal tech industry has no firm grasp of go-to-market strategy, or, at best, has a scattered one.”

You can read and download the full study at the Baretz+Brunelle website.

May 14th – Legal AI Companies Increase By 65% in One Year – LawGeex Report

Artificial Lawyer reports on the latest Inhouse Counsel’s LegalTech Buyer’s Guide from LawGeex, which notes that the number of legal technology AI companies has increased from 40 to 66 in the past year.

May 14th – Portrait of a Blockchain Lawyer

Becky Baker interviews Atik Ahmed of Axiom Law for The Legal Technologist. According to Baker:

“The demand for blockchain legal experts is already increasing as businesses start to exploit its potential and tackle associated legal challenges.”

May 9th – Women Of LegalTech On Disrupting A $600 Billion Profession

LawGeex hears from eight women building leading products in legalTech who give their thoughts on how legalTech is changing the law.


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