Sunday LegalTech Review – 3rd June 2018

June 1st – 6 Ways to Get Your Law Firm to Engage in Legal Tech

Jacob Heller, founder of Casetext writes on their blog about six ways you can get your law firm to engage with LegalTech.

May 24th – Spain’s IE Law School launches LegalTech Startup Competition & Incubator

Artificial Lawyer reports on the launch of a global legal tech competition by IE Law School in Madrid. The winning startup will gain access to an incubator programme. According an IE Law School article the startup competition:

“focuses on legal technologies that have a positive impact on major challenges faced by legal operators or legal systems with the aim to improve their operations and promote the cause of justice.”

May 23rd – How AI And ML Are Transforming Law Firms And The Legal Sector

A good overview appears in Forbes about how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are changing the way the legal sector operates.

May 22nd – Start-Up Tips: Incubators

Legal Geek provides a number of top tips for LegalTech companies considering joining an incubator.

May 21st – Reed Smith expands Innovation Hours program following successful 2017 pilot

Reed Smith announced the roll-out of its 2018 Innovation Hours program, which recognises up to 50 innovation hours toward billable-hour targets for fee earners. This follows a successful pilot in 2017.

May 22nd – The Face of Legal Technology in 2018 (and What it Means for the Future of Access to Justice)

Kristen Sonday (founder and Chief Operating Officer of Pro Bono platform Paladin) writes about what LegalTech means for the future of Access to Justice:  

“the lack of focus on ATJ solutions within legaltech, coupled with the lack of representation of the groups most affected by the justice gap at the top, severely hampers the ability to build scalable solutions to most help those in need.”

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