Sunday LegalTech Roundup – 30th September 2018

Negating Schrodinger’s Justice through AI Transparency

In this opinion piece for SCL (the Society for Computers and Law), Ben Taylor explains why he believes that building transparency into AI is critical to the future of automated decision-making platforms in the criminal justice system.

How this Aussie not-for-profit startup is improving access to free legal advice

Nice write-up by Andrew Miller on Techly about ANIKA Legal – the Australian not-for-profit startup aiming to make quality legal advice available to everyone.

Atrium raises £50m from Silicon Valley

Joanna Goodman writes in The Law Society Gazette about Atrium having raised $65m (£49.6m) from Silicon Valley investors. Atrium is a legal services firm developing its own AI and is one of the newest legalTech AI ventures.

For Law and Lawyers, Artificial Intelligence Spells a Major Headache

Opinion piece in CTECH by Dov Greenbaum who believes that as long as we keep in mind AI’s limitations and society keeps pace with the changes AI will mandate, these new technologies can be a force for good, even within the legal field. Dov is director at the Zvi Meitar Institute for Legal Implications of Emerging Technologies.

Legal Tech Starting to Disrupt “Stubborn Industry” in Canada

According to Rahul Vaidyanath in The Epoch Times, legal services may be one of the last industries to be disrupted by technology, but in Canada the momentum is picking up.

Legal Innovation – Revolution or Evolution?

Ron Freidmann, Partner at Fireman & Company poses the question “Is legal innovation a revolution or evolution?” on Prism Legal’s LexBlog, drawing on recent news to support his argument.

The Future of Law – Highlights from the 2018 AI in Legal Practice Summit

Writeup of the Centre for Legal Innovation’s (CLI) second Artificial Intelligence in Legal Practice Summit on the CLI blog.

How technology and entrepreneurs are changing the legal game

Marti Manent, CEO at elAbogado and Codirector Master in Legaltech at IE Law School writes on LawAhead Hub. Marti argues that the legal profession has reached a tipping point where traditional models of practice are no longer aligned with today’s globalised, digital world and asks “Is the industry adapting fast enough?”.

UniCourt: Legal Tech For Access To Justice – Part I

Mary Juette, CEO of Traklight & former CEO of Evolve Law (sold to Above the Law) catches up with Josh Blandi of UniCourt in an article in Forbes. Josh and MAry discuss their shared mission of improving access to legal services.

Overview of the legalTech system in Southeast Asia

A Tech Collective article looks at the legalTech scene in Southeast Asia, including its first LegalTech accelerator “Accelerate!” and focusing on four startups from the area.

Law Firm Innovation with Nick Rishwain (Part 1)

First instalment of an interview on the dealcloser blog with Nick Rishwain – VP of Client Relations and Development at and co-Creator of Legal Tech Live.

In this interview Nick talks about utilising legal technology in the law practice and the small ways law firms can be innovative.



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